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Printed Circuit Board

Over the years, printed circuit boards (PCBs) have revolutionized the electronics industry. The impact created by these components is so large that it is difficult to imagine an electronic device without them. Owing to their distinct beneficial features, they find their use in a wide range of applications, where they serve as the base for the devices. Almost every printed circuit board (PCB) is different and completely application specific. Even within similar products the PCB can be different.

Power is our daily challenge

The design of the PCB can be as important as the circuit design to the overall performance of the final system. We can guarantee on the partitioning of the circuitry, solve every problem of interconnecting traces, parasitic components, grounding schemes, and decoupling. All of these are important in the success of a total design.

High level application fields

In addition to using materials that can handle power and heat with low losses, our PCBs are performing for high applications fields, as they are fabricated using conductive and thermal materials with very similar coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), so that any expansion or contraction of the materials due to high power or temperatures occur at the same rate, minimizing mechanical stress on the material.


We always stay on the cutting edge of electronics industry, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage. We have our own developers and technical producers.
Discrete Components Power Electronics

Serigroup offers many solutions for the management of high current, high voltage and high heat dissipation wherever discrete components are involved. Serigroup offers its experience in selecting the technology which best fits to the end application.

Bare dies Power Electronics

IMS/IMB PCBs can be used as alternative to aluminum oxide DBC in Power Semiconductors Electronics.
Such technology is also available with more than one layer.

Bus Bar Replacement

Heavy copper PCBs, either single side, or double side, or multilayer, can be used as Bus Bar replacement.
Such solution also allows to place components - both THT and SMT - on the Bus Bar (e.g. Resistors and Capacitors).

Logic Electronics

Serigroup is a flexible and reliable partner for high quality Sigle Side, Double Side and Multilayer FR4 PCBs.

Batteries Connections & Management

Lithium ions cells can be connected to each other by means of PCBs.
Such solution also allows to place sensors in the battery pack for monitoring purposes (e.g. Temperature).
IMS/IMS, Flex/Rigid-Flex



Battery Chargers


Energy Storage



Power Lighting

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Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuits used in the fields of Intralogistics, Battery Chargers, E-Mobility, Energy Storage, Industrial, Automotive, Power Lighting and many others. Each single printed circuit produced is tested both electrically and visually in order to guarantee perfect functionality and compliance with the IPC A 600 specifications.



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